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Fixed Income And Derivatives Integrated – The Beginning Of The End

Not so long ago, the fixed income and derivatives markets were worlds apart. Banks had separate groups to deal with each. Under separate managers, these groups developed their own practices, cultures and computer systems.

But over the past few years, these worlds have collided. Bond traders now hedge their deals with swaps and swaptions, or even caps and floors. A number of securities now straddle the two worlds, such as callable, puttable and convertible bonds, and are widely traded. As fixed income and derivatives increasingly overlap, banks are merging the separate groups under a single manager. But they are finding it less easy to integrate the different computer systems.

The US investment banks, as usual, led the way in making the change. Major players such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and Chemical (now part of Chase) pioneered the integration of fixed income and derivatives

Trade Shows Are Still Red Hot

tsasrBIG COMPANIES HAVE RELIED ON INDUSTRY trade shows to be hotbeds for business-to-business deal making, lead gathering, and overall business marketing and promotion. In the past, many trade shows had a broad appeal and focus or catered only to Fortune 1000 companies. But recent growth in this booming $10 billion industry has spurred organizers to launch increasing numbers of smaller, more specialized business-to-business events that cater to much narrower, more vertical audiences. Today, you have a good chance of discovering events dedicated to your trade and targeting the very customers, competitors, and potential partners you’re trying to reach.

Although odds are good you’ve walked the aisles as an attendant at such industry events, it’s time to consider the benefits of setting up your own exhibit booth. Trade shows can help you target your audience. If you pick the proper show, you’ll meet people you wouldn’t …