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Explaining RAID Technology


Using RAID technology, you can ensure your data is kept safe from drive failures. When you have lost your data, you can recover RAID 0, 5 or 10. The basic objective of RAID is replicating and dividing your data among several physical hard drives and the operating system reads all these drives as a single disk. It is called a RAID array. Meanwhile, you need to take proper steps of RAID to make your data safe. The problem of data loss is caused due to many reasons such as system overheating, burning of one or more physical drives, virus infection etc. When the cause is known, it becomes easier for professionals to recover RAID. In the event of data loss, you should immediately contact a RAID data recovery specialist who knows better how to handle the drive or drives correctly to prevent further damage. …

Fixed Income And Derivatives Integrated – The Beginning Of The End

Not so long ago, the fixed income and derivatives markets were worlds apart. Banks had separate groups to deal with each. Under separate managers, these groups developed their own practices, cultures and computer systems.

But over the past few years, these worlds have collided. Bond traders now hedge their deals with swaps and swaptions, or even caps and floors. A number of securities now straddle the two worlds, such as callable, puttable and convertible bonds, and are widely traded. As fixed income and derivatives increasingly overlap, banks are merging the separate groups under a single manager. But they are finding it less easy to integrate the different computer systems.

The US investment banks, as usual, led the way in making the change. Major players such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and Chemical (now part of Chase) pioneered the integration of fixed income and derivatives

Services That Help With Clicking Hard Drives

Hard disks have a File Allocation Table (FAT) which maintains details of all the files at any point of time. Data recovery software scans through this table to locate and retrieve the deleted files. In the event of data loss, you are likely to retrieve all the data provided you start the standard procedure of emergency data recovery immediately.

Hard drive clicking noises can be deadly!

Hard drive clicking noises can be deadly!

On the internet, there is a lot of freeware software available that is capable enough of performing file and data recovery. These software products are good for normal data. However, if the data you have just lost is of critical importance, you need to shut down the system without wasting any time. After shutting down the system, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help from a specialist firm to ensure the safety of critical data.

While attempting …

MKLinux Just Never Took Off

There are many reasons to recommend a Mac. Plug and Play made Mac hardware setup trivial long before it became a hyped technology on other platforms. The computer’s built-in networking support ensures that connecting Macs with both AppleTalk and TCP/IP is quick and simple.

However, the ease with which you can construct Mac peer networks creates management problems. Tracking different versions of hundreds of files distributed over many machines is tedious. Maintaining security and performing backups are a real nightmare.

Centralizing the important data on a single server was the logical solution. However, as much as I like the Mac OS, it is not robust enough to provide file-system security or manage quotas and resources such as the Web, e-mail, and name servers.

Organizations that have made an investment in Mac hardware may legitimately wonder what is the best option when they need a server

Importance Of RAID Technology

images (2)RAID is the most advanced storage technology for lost data recovery. In the event of data failure, this technology has very high significance as it enables users to recover RAID. The technology needs a lot of hard disk space to work properly. To explain in simple words how does this technology work; it can be stated that the data is divided into mirrored pairs at the lower level. In the nest stage, the controller selects a member from each mirrored pair and stripes the data into a new logical volume. There is a good reason why this technology is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. Plenty of devices like NAS, SAN, external hard drives, controllers and servers use this array level. With the help of RAID recovery, you can recover the data, stored on the desktops, laptops, SQL servers as well as …

When Settling Isn’t Bad…

tewrdJUDGING BY THE NUMBER OF TELEwork-related disputes making their way into the legal system, even companies with large-scale, successful work-at-home programs aren’t immune to serious problems.

Classic “he said/she said” exchanges are typically at the root of such full-blown legal conflicts between workers and managers; these usually result from improperly trained managers and poor communication on both sides.

What can you do to avoid trouble before it starts? If your company is new to telework arrangements, develop a specific legal telework policy you can turn to if things get out of hand. And if you’ve already drafted a legal policy, be sure to review it periodically and make tweaks and updates based on feedback from employees and your human resources and legal departments.

Take the case of former Aetna Life & Casualty employee Virginia Daley, who sued the company claiming she was fired because she …